Phrases That Can Make You Sound Old-Fashioned

 Thanks to technology, the generation gap continues to widen, and as times change, so does the English language.

Phrases That Can Make You Sound Old-Fashioned

There are certain words that no longer belong to this era, and using them can make you sound quite old-fashioned. Check out these 10 words that might age you:


The term "tape" was commonly used in the 90s to refer to movies or TV shows recorded on videotapes. Using it today can make you sound dated, even though the medium has long evolved.

Wallets were traditionally used to carry coins and paper currency in the past. They have been largely replaced by purses and bags. Using the term "wallet" might make you sound like a grandparent, or perhaps an older relative.

"Bling" was a slang term used in the 20th century to describe something luxurious or flashy, such as jewelry. While you might get away with using this word today, it can still make you sound old-fashioned.

This word might sound like something your dad or a rebellious teenager from the 90s would say. It used to be quite popular back then, but using it now can make you sound like a relic.

"Get it started":
Saying this phrase with enthusiasm will likely reveal your age. Avoid using it around your kids, as it will certainly draw curious looks.

"Chill out":
Telling youngsters to "chill out" might make you seem ancient to them, and they might judge you for it.

"Cool" was slang used to describe great music in past decades. Using it today without a hint of irony may just make you sound "uncool" or, well, old.

"Da bomb":
"Da bomb" was used to describe the best things in the 90s, and it was considered cool and trendy. Saying it today might make you sound like someone from the past trying to fit in with today's youth.
"Talk to the hand":
This phrase was the ultimate comeback in its time. Saying it to teenagers today will likely make you appear not only old but also somewhat comical.

It's a good idea to adapt to the new words and slang of the current generation. Let go of these words from the past to ensure you don't come across as old-fashioned.

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