6 signs of a budding love

How do you know if romantic feelings are there? Sometimes they are visible and obvious, sometimes less... Here are some unmistakable signs.

6 signs of a budding love

  dilated pupils

When we are attracted to someone, the iris of our eye expands, the body reacts to the chemistry of love, sometimes even before we are aware of being attracted to someone else . This dilation has a mirror effect because a study has shown that between two photographs of the same woman, men prefer the one on which her pupils are dilated. The gaze therefore plays a crucial role in the attraction between two people, and explains why gazes catch on when you are interested in someone. 

A speaking body

An attracted body seeks to create contact, proximity, the desire to get closer and to touch becomes palpable: a hand resting on the shoulder, a brushing, a way of turning the shoulders towards the other or presenting one's neck and throat, signs of an offered vulnerability, so many signals from the body which are signs of nascent love.

An insatiable curiosity

The signals of desire sent by the body reveal carnal attraction. If the mind also evolves in a desire for rapprochement, it is because the whole being falls under the spell of the Other. The desire to know everything about the Other, to know him, to spend as much time as possible with him, are the premises of love.


When someone pleases us, the mind is confused, which sometimes makes saying bizarre or banal things possible, but also makes us very clumsy. Stabbing, breaking things, even tripping are signs that the Other does not leave us indifferent.

A state of lack

As in the phenomena of addiction, the lack of the Other is felt as soon as one separates from it. For good reason: the endorphins that we produce in his presence which make us euphoric and joyful. It is for this reason that as soon as we find ourselves alone, a state of "lack" is created.


The fact of imagining oneself with the Other, whether in the near or distant future, demonstrates an interest in him and budding feelings for him. These projections are a way of reassuring us about the course to come. However, we must be wary of them because they can reflect more a desire for love than true love.

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