10 tips to always feel young

Youth is also in the head! If we have the age of our arteries, we can rejuvenate by taking care of our body... and our mind...

  Be happy

10 tips to always feel young

An unhappy thirtys will feel less young than a radiant octogenarian. Voltaire's famous adage "I decided to be happy because it's good for your health" is a reality.
Do we not feel rejuvenated when we fall in love, even when we divorce, whatever the age? Making life choices that promote happiness is the #1 secret to youth. 

To move

A sedentary lifestyle is not only bad for our joints and vital organs, but also does not allow positive energy to flow freely.

Whether it's sports or more simply a leisure activity (creative arts for example), doing something with your hands and legs is good for morale and keeps you young!

Fill up on antioxidants

If youth is very attached to the mind, the body must still be in good health: the two cannot function independently of each other.

To promote well-being from all points of view, stock up on antioxidants found mainly in fruits and vegetables. They prevent free radicals from circulating in the body, responsible for premature aging.

Eat Omega 3

Omega-3s are good for your health in every way. Main constituents of the cerebral membranes, they help keep the body in good working order and fight against depression and anxiety, sine qua non conditions for keeping eternal youth.

It is found in fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, etc.

To do yoga

People practicing yoga all look younger than their age, and are always radiant. This can be explained by two reasons: thanks to the postures it induces, the general look and the bearing of the head are haughty, the exact opposite of a hunched back, synonymous with aging and decay.

In addition, it is a philosophy of life allowing access to the absence of troubles and to being connected to the world by the union of body and mind.


Going to the other side of the world, taking an impromptu trip, throwing the usual organization off the hook, ignoring traditions, etc. Improvisation is the prerogative of youth.

As you age, fears, automatisms, or simply routine sets in. By giving him regular snubs, you feel younger and fitter because you enjoy life more fully.

Accept your body

Today's society gives little or a negative place to the aging of the body: a beautiful body is necessarily a young body! Consequence: when the body loses tone and firmness, we hide it... and we hide. Loose clothing, dark colors, etc. there is no more room for fantasy.

Ignoring diktats, daring to use colors and taking out prints is a way to stay young ad vitam eternam.

Make love

A good way to reconnect with your body and rediscover youth through sensoriality is to make love. Love has no age and sexuality should only be experienced between the ages of 20 and 50.

  In addition, the release of endorphins generated by orgasm gives a boost of energy and the feeling of being in great shape. A great way to stay forever young.

Enjoy the moment

To be old before the age, it is to organize, to plan, to anticipate, to stress, to see only the constraints, in short, not to be present to oneself and to the world.

Conversely, being young means making the most of all the opportunities offered by life and all the beauties of the world: a sunset, the song of birds, etc. The more life is lived from a poetic angle, the less youth withers....

To sleep

One of the simplest and most effective secrets of youth: sleep! Sleep preserves the mind and the body. A lack of sleep clouds ideas, promotes depression and causes premature aging of the body.

Sleeping an average of eight hours a day is the guarantee of getting up with a fresh complexion and all the energy to live a new day under the sign of youth!

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